Where we can help

Get a new brand off the ground

Campaign planning is now a multi-strand, multi-channel exercise that owes more to conducting a full concert orchestra than filling in boxes on a media schedule. Brands are increasingly cottoning onto the fact that they need to interact with and talk to their customers in a multitude of different ways depending upon the time, place and media. The boundaries between TV advertising and online advertising are becoming increasingly blurred, whilst blogging and social media

are changing the traditional relationships between PR, editorial and official brand communications. We can help you to understand how it all fits together, weaving all the strands into a sophisticated plan that will include ways of evaluating how well your campaign is performing, and how effective your spend has been in achieving your objectives.

Cases in point:

City of Culture Branding

We created a brand with flexibility built-in from day one.

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Breathe new life into an existing brand

Anyone can come up with a logo. But creating a lasting, credible brand identity is a much bigger, yet far more subtle challenge. It goes way beyond choosing the right typeface and designing a nice looking logo. It’s about defining the very essence of your business and making sure it goes right through every aspect of the way you communicate with your customers.

Like the letters in a stick of seaside rock. Get it right, and it can make a huge difference to the success of a new business idea. Involve us at the earliest stage possible and we’ll get under the skin of the brand, exploring colour, image, typography, tone of voice and a wide range of other aspects to arrive at a fully rounded brand strategy.

Cases in point:

Little Chef Rebrand

We revived the brand with a modern British retro feel.

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Say it with a campaign

Brands can’t afford to stand still while their customers’ lives are changing around them. The way brands talk to customers is currently undergoing the biggest, most astonishing rollercoaster of a change since the advent of television and radio. Today’s early adopter fad rapidly becomes tomorrow’s mainstream essential. To remain relevant, brands need to constantly reinvent themselves.

Of course, we know there’s a danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater in any brand refresh. Many brands have built up valuable brand associations in their customers’ minds – but often these need repackaging and redefining to make them relevant again. The trick is to reinvent your brand in ways that excite your customers and make them realise you still deserve a small but important place in their lives.

Cases in point:

Yorkshire Water

We wove together a multi-channel, multi-strand campaign.

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Develop a customer acquisition and retention strategy

We start from the very beginning. Creating bespoke commercial marketing models from the ground up to help brands interact with customers in new ways. And we build them on creative platforms and campaigns designed to make it happen.

Sometimes this means making fundamental changes to the operational structure of a business, but all in the aid of acquiring new customers or retaining existing ones.

Brands want to be loved. They want to be desirable and have a sense of magnetism. We can help you create a brand, a proposition, a message, a campaign, a marketing communications programme that pulls new customers towards a brand, but also makes existing customers feel special leaving them wanting more.

Define your digital strategy and the role of social media

Are you increasing brand awareness and making money online? If you’re not exploiting the potential of online marketing, you certainly should be by now. New media is no longer new. It’s been around for quite a few years now. Which is centuries in marketing terms. We can help you to work out a sensible online marketing strategy and advise you on the best way to ensure your business objectives are aligned with your digital objectives. We can show you how it all fits together, including:

  1. Where to reach your customers online
  2. Latest online trends, research and customer insight
  3. How email marketing could fit into your plan
  4. Pay per click promotions
  5. How your website should hook up with your in-store promotions
  6. How a voucher system can increase actual revenue
  7. Why analytics are actually your best friend
  8. How to run the right promotions to drive traffic to the right places
  9. How to put the “viral” into viral marketing
  10. Where mobile fits into all this

Cases in point:

National College

We gave them a toolkit of graphic devices and layout.

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