What we do

Iris are a creative agency.
And we believe in brand stories.
For us, every brand, every product,
every organisation has a story to tell.
And it’s our job to tell them in ways that
surprise, delight, inform and engage.

We start by helping you uncover the unique story at the heart of your brand. Then we turn it into something that makes people smile, gets them thinking differently or persuades them to act in a certain way. A happy ending is a piece of communication that achieves the right result. Whether that’s improved brand awareness, more phone calls, increased sales or more hits on your website.

Like all good storytellers, we use a variety of tools. From the words, look and feel we give to your brand, to how we tell your story on paper, online, in moving images or by painting pictures in your mind.

Enough about us, how can we help you?

Agencies love talking about themselves.
We're no exception. But what about the real day-to-day marketing challenges you need to meet?

See some of the ways we can help