Yorkshire Water

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Value for Money campaign

How do you knit together a multi-strand, multi-channel campaign?

The brief

Yorkshire Water is the county’s biggest utility company, supplying over 2 million customers with fresh water, waste water services and managing 73,000 acres of countryside and 120 reservoirs. They asked Iris for a multi-channel, multi-strand campaign to help them promote a value for money message.

Our solution

We knew the campaign needed to be engaging with the flexibility to communicate a wide range messages. Inspiration came in the form of two Yorkshire grannies, Edna and Mary. Using these two comic characters gave us a look and feel, allowing us to weave together a wide range of communications channels. At the centre, a TV ad is supported by a campaign landing page which links through to deeper content on the main website. We also drove traffic to the website using online advertising, PR, Facebook and Twitter activity along with Yorkshire Water's existing communication channels.

URL: www.ednanadmary.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ednaandmary
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ednaandmary