Sheffield Hallam University

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Be Hallam Campaign

How do you stop hot student prospects going lukewarm on you?

The brief

Our client, Sheffield Hallam University, was keen to find a way to reduce the numbers of students who drop off their radar between receiving an offer and taking up a place.

Our solution

We applied a little private sector knowledge to a ‘keep in touch’ campaign under the theme ‘Be Hallam’, which aimed to convert over 6000 applicants into actual students at Sheffield Hallam University.

Over a 10-month period the campaign built an accurate and informed picture of life for students at Sheffield Hallam University. We created a new campaign brand based around a digitally focused strategy that acted as a ‘door­way’ to existing content on their main website. Communications included monthly emails on a range of helpful topics, monthly online content refreshes, online games, and competitions. This was all backed up with an array of printed collateral such as Christmas cards, good luck in your exams cards and other ad-hoc mailers.