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Website redesign

How do you design a website with maximum flexibility for the future?

The brief

The National College aims to improve the life chances of all children and young people by developing world-class school leaders. They asked us to redevelop their website.

Our solution

At the core of our approach were non-rigid layouts that respond well to different densities of content, yet still look attractive with the rotation of articles and features. Our extensive experience of developing content management systems in-house, and our work with clients who implement our design templates into existing content managed sites, gave us an insight into the flexibility and scalability required.

Our approach brought economies of scale. By creating a comprehensive visual language from the start, we gave them a toolkit of graphic devices and layouts which could be applied to all types of content. The result is a long term solution which projects the right tone for the organisation, delivers visual clarity, and fits in with ever changing and highly varied content and imagery.