Little Chef

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How do you breathe new life into an old brand?

The brief

Little Chef was the iconic 1950s roadside restaurant. Yet, after decades of under-investment the brand and the estate had become dated and in desperate need of modernisation. Alongside celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal, who was brought in to reinvigorate their menus and restaurant interiors, Iris were tasked with updating the Little Chef brand. Tight timing dictated that the first project to be tackled was a new set of menu designs.

Our solution

We wanted the menus to start to reflect some of the personality of the direction the brand is moving in. It's about Britishness and being playful. We chose to have a series of different images on the covers to evoke what the British summer means to people. Inside, a series of menu icons have been designed to highlight key new dishes and their provenance.