Little Chef

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Bring Back campaign

How do you capture the nostalgia for much loved brand's 50th birthday?

The brief

Little Chef were celebrating their 50th birthday with a 'Bring Back' campaign and asked us to bring an online dimension to the theme.

Our solution

We created a retro looking ‘Bring back’ campaign website which was filled with games, information and video footage from the ‘Bring back’ tour bus. Meanwhile, the Little Chef team headed out on a UK tour and brought pancakes, lollipops and retro T-shirts to the streets of 11 cities. During the tour they recorded memories from the public about the restaurants and anything else they fancied bringing back. You can check out the videos and photos on our Bring Back website.

We also helped Little Chef to spruce up the tour van, created the campaign identity, event branding and an anniversary logo.