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Sheffield Brand Identity

How do you help a city bid
for a major cultural award?

The brief

When Sheffield needed a brand identity for its bid to become the first UK City of Culture, Iris was the logical choice. We’d already designed the UK City of Culture identity for DCMS and so were able to hit the ground running when Sheffield City Council and Creative Sheffield appointed us.

Our solution

We knew the identity needed to reflect the city’s unique cultural personality in a simple, strong yet flexible way. Our solution was a ‘constructed’ modular identity inspired by Sheffield’s long history of designing and making. Iris’s Creative Director, David Wood, sat on the Culture Board and this ensured we were involved at every stage of the bid. We designed and produced the bid document and put together a communications strategy including a website and Facebook group, which now boasts in excess of 3000 members. Sheffield successfully reached the final shortlist of 4 from an original list of 29 cities.