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Made Magazine

How do you sell Sheffield's
many attractions to the
outside world?

The brief

The project for Creative Sheffield, began as a brief for an all-purpose communications piece to sell the city’s many social, economic and sporting attractions to the outside world.

Our solution

We came back with the idea of a magazine. But not just any old city magazine. We knew it had to be a damn good page turner. We paid particular attention to writing and commissioning interesting, well-written, original editorial content. Meanwhile our designers got down to the task of giving it the look and feel of a glossy, high quality, perfect bound periodical. The result is a genuinely pleasurable read which provides a real insight into the resurgent, creative and vibrant modern city that Sheffield has become in recent years, accompanied by some superb photography. The magazine covers an eclectic mix of topics from the worlds of sport, culture, food and drink, business and leisure.


We are already planning the second edition, so the results speak for themselves.