Look Edna, we’re on’t telly!

Posted: April 1st, 2010 in News, Work

Whatever you do this Easter, don’t miss Monday’s episode of Corrie. Our latest televisual creation will be appearing in the ad break and we’re all very excited about it.

Over the past few months just about the whole team at Iris has been hard at work creating a new, multi-strand, multi channel ‘’ow much?’ campaign on behalf of our clients at Yorkshire Water. Obviously we can’t tell you much about it now, that would spoil the surprise. The action revolves around Yorkshire Water’s new spokesgrannies, Edna and Mary and only thing we can say is ‘bring a towel’. If you can’t wait until then, here’s a sneak preview of the teaser ad.

Customers will be driven to an ‘ow much?’ campaign landing page where they can get to know Edna and Mary better. They can also follow Yorkshire’s thriftiest grannies on Twitter and Facebook. The TV ad is supported by online advertising and a range of other tactics which will become apparent as the campaign gets into full swing over the coming months.

The campaign home page, Twitter, You Tube and Facebook interfaces, on-site banners and online ads, messaging and tone of voice were created at Iris and then passed over to Yorkshire Water’s digital agency, Swamp for building and further development of campaign related content, including ongoing maintenance of Edna and Mary’s presence on Twitter and Facebook .

So, pour yourself a nice cuppa, make sure you’ve got a fresh packet of custard creams at the ready, sit back and let Edna and Mary entertain you.