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Forging a new look for the Foundry

Posted: April 24th, 2009 in News, Wins, Work

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Iris are about to embark on creating a new online experience for Sheffield Hallam University’s Training Foundry website. As well as visually improving the site, we will ultimately be looking to increase online sales. Based in Sheffield City Centre, the Training Foundry is one of the region’s premier ICT training organisations offering Microsoft, Adobe and Cisco authorised training in internet and web authoring, project management, databases, wireless networking and office applications. Work on updating the look and functionality of their existing site begins next week.

They’ve cracked it!

Posted: April 8th, 2009 in News, People

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Chocolate. The secret to good mental health

Chocolate. The secret to good mental health


Imagine going 40 whole days without chocolate. Not a Bounty, not a Mars Bar, not a fun-sized Milky Way (and everybody knows they barely count as chocolate), not even a single chocolate button. That’s the impressive feat of self-denial that designer, Nic Hearnshaw and Design Director, Nic Shuttleworth have pulled off. In a rash moment, both decided to test their combined Credit union willpower for Lent to see if they could go for a full 40 days without chocolate. Apparently, the side effects were the worst part. Nic S reports having felt ‘ill’ and ’slightly mad’ for the entire 40 days. In fact, the whole experience nearly sent them both a bit fruit and nut. Thankfully, Easter’s upon us and they’re already planning a return to sanity with a chocolate binge of epic proportions, starting with this Thornton’s Easter Egg.