Iris takes up University Challenge

Posted: February 13th, 2009 in News, Work

Universities, students, learning, drinking, lazy days in bed… ahhhhh the good old days!
These days, going to uni is a serious business, both for the students and the universities. Ever increasing costs for students mean they have to make the right informed decision. At the same time, universities are under pressure to stay as competitive as possible in today’s market. Every university is competing for a greater share of the market, and chasing after ever decreasing revenues. Sound familiar? Yes, it did to us too, so we applied a little private sector knowledge to a ‘keep in touch’ campaign, which aims to convert over 6000 applicants into actual students at Sheffield Hallam University.


One of the communications pieces from the campaign

One of the communications pieces from the campaign


Over a 10 month period the campaign will build an accurate and informed picture of life for students at Sheffield Hallam University. We have created a new campaign brand based around a digitally focused strategy that acts as a ‘doorway’ to existing content on their main web-site. Communications include monthly emails on a range of helpful topics, monthly online content refreshes, online games, and competitions. This is all backed up with an array of printed collateral such as Christmas cards, good luck in your exams cards and other ad-hoc mailers.
We’re currently half way through the campaign, and if the students are half as excited as us about it we think, we should be onto a winner. Watch this space!