Tasty looking refurb

Posted: October 23rd, 2008 in News, People


David, David and Maria pose outside our new look office

David, David and Maria pose outside our new look office

Our offices are looking pretty tasty now. But not quite as tasty as this nifty gingerbread house (Tesco £9.99) that Sally and Nic knocked up during yesterday lunchtime when they were bored. Sadly, their masterpiece has nearly all been eaten now and looks more like a bomb damaged building in wartime London. 

We’ve been undergoing a bit of a refurb here at Cornish Place. The sticky old lino has been replaced by smart dark grey carpet tiles, we’ve all got spanking new desks and we’ve filled several skips with Creative Reviews dating back to the mid eighties and old Comstock photolibrary books full of images of businesspeople with big hair high-fiving each other outside glossy office buildings. It’s just like that round here at Cornish Place at lunchtime. The builders are currently in the process of creating two meeting spaces downstairs and we hope it’ll all be finished in the next week or two.

In the process of the clear-out we unearthed a few priceless items: in particular a Leo Sayer song book (may his perm never wilt), a rubber chicken (sadly too perished to save) and some photographs of David and Maria back in the dark ages when they started Iris. They both look about Credit union fourteen years old.