Lo Mas Viejo Y Lo Grande

Posted: August 1st, 2008 in People

..or ‘The Oldest and the Greatest’ to you and me!

The Creative Director at Iris, David Wood, went and got all creative on us and along with photographer Simon Phipps and friend John Simpson at SEA is working on producing an amazing book about the relationship between the oldest football club and the greatest football club in the world. This is of course Sheffield FC & Real Madrid, the only two clubs in the world to be honoured with a FIFA order of merit!

More importantly this gives him the chance to swan off to Madrid every now and then to do ‘research’. Interestingly one time he was there he bumped into an old friend, David Beckham (he’s the one in the middle). I looked all over Beckhams site and couldn’t find this picture?!

Anyway it looks amazing and should be on the shelves soon, so watch this space.